G/L Magazine (TV series)

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Date: 1993

Region: North America

Subject: Sexual/Gender Orientation

Medium: Television

Artist: Anthony Palange

Confronting Bodies: Denver Community Television

Dates of Action: 1993

Location: Denver, Colorado

Description of Artwork: G/L Magazine, a gay news-and-entertainment show, produced for public access television.

The Incident: Denver Community Television (DCTV) refused to air two episodes of Anthony Palange's G/L Magazine, asserting that they were "obscene." Palange then filed suit with the aid of the ACLU in Denver. Under federal cable television laws, public access channels are public forums, and neither a city nor an agency to which a city delegates the function of administering public access TV may censor the content of programs. In the case of G/L Magazine there had never been any judicial determination that the programs met the legal standard for obscenity. The episodes did not even contain nudity.

Results of Incident: In early November 1993, G/L Magazine resumed broadcasting.

Source: "ACLU Arts Censorship Project Newsletter", Winter 1994