Higher Ground (play)

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Artist: Jennie Brown

Year: 2008

Date of Action: February 2008

Region: North America

Location: Sherwood, Oregon

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Sexual/Gender Orientation

Medium: Theatre

Confronting Bodies: Sherwood Middle School Administrators

Description of Artwork: "'Higher Ground,'... tells the tale of middle-schoolers who face and overcome labeling, bullying and harassment by fellow students." [1]

The Incident: The play, which was written by the Sherwood drama teacher, was stopped from production the week of the performance, due to complaints that the material contained within it was inappropriate. The decision to stop the play came after the Sherwood elementary school students refused to alter the play as per administrative requests.

Results of Incident: In spite of a letter from NCAC, the play did not resume production. In the next year, teacher Jennie Brown resigned.