History of Maine

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Artist: Judy Taylor

Year: 2011

Date of Action: March 2011

Region: North America

Location: Maine, USA

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Painting, Public Art

Confronting Bodies: Governor Paul LePage

Description of Artwork: The mural, hung at the Department of Labor, depicts Maine's labor history. It includes Rosie the Riveter at the Bath Iron Works, child laborers and a 1937 shoe mill strike.

The Incident: Governor Paul LePage ordered that the mural be taken down as it is biased against and offensive towards business owners.

Results of Incident: Maine DOL Acting Commissioner, Laura Boyett sent out an email saying that after many complaints from different businesses, the mural would be removed shortly. This decision received much dissent and criticism. Maine AFL-CIO President Don Berry stated that "No matter what you name a room, no matter how many pictures you have taken down, the truth is that this state was built by and for working people and this move dishonors the generations of hard working Mainers who came before us." The Maine government decided to situate the mural in a more neutral and appropriate location.


Maine Gov. Paul LePage Orders Removal Of Labor Mural From State Agency