Introductio ad Theologiam, Lettres d'Heloi et Abelard

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Dates: 1120, 1140, 1559, 1564

Region: Europe

Subject: Religious

Medium: Literature


Artist: Pierre Abelard (1079-1142)

Confronting Bodies: The Roman Catholic Church

Dates of Action: 1120

Location: France

Description of Artwork: Introductio ad Theologiam, 1120: dialectical analysis of the mystery of God and the Trinity. Lettres d'Heloi et Abelard: collection of love letters and religious correspondence between Heloise and Abelard.

The Incident: 1120, in France-Soissons: A provincial synod charged Abelard with religious heresy.

Results of Incident: 1120, Soissons, France: Abelard was forced to burn his Introductio ad Theologiam and was imprisoned in the convent of St-Medard. 1140, Rome, Italy: All works banned by the Council at Sens and ordered burned by Pope Innocent III. St-Benard called Abelard "an infernal dragon and the precursor of the Anti-Christ."

1559 and 1564: All writing placed on the "Index."

1930 U.S. : Custom ban lifted on Love Letters.

Source: Banned Books 387 B.C. to 1978 A.D., by Anne Lyon Haight, and Chandler B. Grannis, R.R. Bowker Co, 1978.