Iraqi Media Network

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Date: 2003 2004

Region: Middle East

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Religious

Medium: Television Electronic Media Public Art

Artist: Iraqi Media Network (IMN)

Confronting Bodies: L Paul Bremer III and the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), sponsored by the United States government

Dates of Action: April 2003 - June 2004

Location: U.S. occupied Iraq

Description of Artwork: Any information that is ethnic, religious, racial, or political in origin, or is "patently false," that may incite hatred toward the CPA or is considered by U.S. authorities to undermine the process toward self government in occupied Iraq.

The Incident: April 2003 through June 2004 the United States directly regulated content on the IMN, restricting speech that was considered to impede the United States rehabilitation of the war torn state. The CPA director, L Paul Bremer III, became the principle decision-maker in regard to the network's content, and maintained the power to hire and fire IMN staff.

Results of Incident: Control of the IMN by the occupational forces resulted in the denial of free expression in Iraqi media. CPA was dissolved in June, 2004.

Source: Index on Censorship