Jeune Afrique, Le Monde

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Date: 1982 - 1988

Region: Africa

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Print Journalism

Artist: Journalists

Confronting Bodies: Algerian Government

Dates of Action: 1982-1988

Location: Algeria

Description of Artwork: Algerian press

The Incident: " ...the Paris-based Jeune Afrique was banned, and the French daily Le Monde was periodically seized for carrying articles the government found objectionable."

Results of Incident: " ...Before the October 1988 riots, it was impossible for journalists to investigate or publish material relating to high-level government corruption, unless the information was provided by the Chadi administration itself. Radio and television were government- run, and the print media was published either by the government or the FLN. The authorities also tightly controlled the circulation of foreign journals...

Source: A Fund For Free Expression Report, Off Censorship and Corruption