Jose Asuncion Flores

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Date: 1904-1972

Region: South America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Music

Jose Flores.jpg

Artist: Jose Asuncion Flores

Confronting Bodies: Paraguayan government under General Higinio Morinigo

Dates of Action: 1940-1945

Location: Paraguay

Description of Artwork: Flores created the style of music guarania. It is known for its "primal rhythms" and inspiration from natural sounds. Some of his songs touched on social issues. "Ka'aty" depicts social injustice on Paraguayan plantations, "Arribeno Resay" addresses the pain of the people and "Obrerito" suggests a rebellion.

The Incident: Flores first performed guarania in 1925, to a mixed reception. His music was not met with censorship until Higinio Morinigo took power. In the 1940s Flores was blacklisted, his music was banned and he was exiled to Argentina.

Results of Incident: Ironically, in 1944 Morinigo declared one of Flores's songs to be the official music of Paraguay. Flores was repatriated in 1991, 19 years after his death. Source: Censorship, A World Encyclopedia, ed. D. Jones