L'Age D'Or

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Artist: Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali

Year: 1931

Date of Action: 1931

Region: Europe

Location: Paris

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Religion, Sexual/Gender Orientation, Violence

Medium: Film Video

Confronting Bodies: Les Camelots du Roi and Les Jeunesses and other conservative groups

Description of Artwork: This is a Surrealist film whose soul components are meant for shock value. There are blatant innuendos of sex scenes [1] and copious amounts of gore.

The Incident: Conservatives vandalized Studio 28 in Paris where the film had been showing for a week. They came in with the intent of tearing the theatre to the ground by destroying the seats and tearing up the foyer.

Results of Incident: The violence gave the police excuse to ban the film from being shown in that community. The film was not publicly screened again until 1980 in New York and 1981 in Paris.


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