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Lesson Planned

Artist: Nicolas Chorier

Year: 1659

Date of Action: August 2021

Region: Europe

Location: Europe

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Sexual/Gender Orientation


Confronting Bodies: 17th Century England

Description of Artwork: This was the most popular pornographic series of 17th-century Europe. Originally written in Latin, it was translated to both French and English. The series, written in prose, contains infidelity, incest, sodomy, and female homosexuality. The English version, translated in 1688, is titled A Dialogue Between a Married Lady and a Maid.

The Incident: The series' original author, Nicolas Chorier, denied he wrote the piece and claimed someone had been using his name to ruin his career.

Results of Incident: Chorier's career was ruined, but the series continued to be the most popular and innovative erotic series until at least 1894.

Source: Green, Jonathon. The Encyclopedia of Censorship. New York, NY: Facts on File "NY" has not been listed as valid URI scheme., 1990. Print.