Las Siete Palabras (painting)

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Artist: Ernie Sandidge

Year: 2002

Date of Action: November 2001

Region: North America

Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Medium: Painting

Confronting Bodies: Tennessee Arts Commission

Description of Artwork: The piece features a nude woman in the arms of a man in a red uniform of a Catholic fraternity which shares the painting's title. The painting "refers to a catholic fraternity of the same name in Seville, Spain who conduct religious processions during Semana Santa. At the time the fraternity excluded women from those processions." -- the artist

The Incident: After accepting the art in November 2001, the TAC gallery later rejected Sandidge's entire exposition, citing a "no nudes" policy with which the offending art piece conflicted.

Results of Incident: In spite of protest from the artist and a letter from NCAC, the paintings were not restored.


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