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Artist: Lori Baldwin, OONA

Year: 2022

Date of Action: 12/7/2022

Region: North America

Location: Miami, FL

Subject: Explicit Sexuality

Medium: Performance Art

Confronting Bodies: Art Basel Miami Beach

Description of Artwork: The duo Lori Baldwin and OONA, an anonymous conceptual artist, performed "MILKING THE ARTIST" at SCOPE Gallery's Art Basel Miami Beach exhibition. The performance included OONA producing breast milk. The glasses of milk were then put up for auction among the crowd. OONA's breasts appeared to be prosthetic. On the stage, the artists spoke about the fetishization of female breasts.

The Incident: On the first day, an audience member purchased the glass of milk for $64,000, and a second person bought a glass of milk the following day for $200,000.

Results of Incident: The artists were escorted off the premises by security. The particularities of the event were unknown to the event organizers.