Forms and Figures (exhibit)

From Censorpedia

Date: 1995

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Mixed Media

Artist: Various

Confronting Bodies: Orleans town hall employees

Dates of Action: 1995

Location: Orlans, Massachusetts

Description of Artwork: The exhibit, "Forms and Figures," featured forty works by numerous local artists. The images ranged from flowers and buildings to male and female nudes. According to Linda Collins of the Orleans Cultural Council, only one of the nudes was depicted realistically.

The Incident: Town hall employees complained and anonymously covered the nude works. Some complained that the nudes were inappropriate for the work place. These employees asked that the council enact a policy restricting nudes.

Results of Incident: The proposed restritions were ruled unconstitutional. The town's Board of Selectmen decided to install works on free standing walls that can be positioned so employees are not forced to view them.

Source: Artistic Freedom Under Attack, 1996