Minserville School District flag salute

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Date: 1939

Region: United State

Subject: Political

Medium: Mandatory Flag Salute

Artist: Lillian and William Gobitis

Confronting Bodies: Minersville School District

Dates of Action: 1939

Location: Minversville, Pennsylvania

Description of Artwork: Mandatory Flag Salute

The Incident: Lillian and William Gobitis, Jehovah's Witnesses, were expelled from public school after refusing to salute the flag, stating that this gesture of respect went against their religion.

Results of Incident: The court decided, in an eight to one decision, that the school was within its bounds to expel the students, stating that it is the job of a school to "promote in the minds of children who attend the common schools an attachment to the institutions of their country."

Source: http://www.oyez.org/cases/1901-1939/1939/1939_690