Neil Yoder

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Year: 2012

Date of Action: April-June 2012

Region: North America

Location: Mansfield, Ohio

Subject: Explicit Sexuality

Medium: Painting

Confronting Bodies: Mansfield Art Center

Description of Artwork: The artwork is a painting of Westinghouse in downtown Mansfield by artist Neil Yoder. On the edges are images from pornographic magazines. No title could be found for the artwork itself.

The Incident: At an art show in the Mansfield Art Center selected a painting which had pornographic imagery incorporated into the artwork, but became concerned about proceeding with the show because, according to the museum's director Tracey Graziani, "this is pornography and there are laws about how to handle pornography and would we be liable if a child viewed it."

Results of Incident: The edges of the painting were covered in black paper, with the artist's permission.


The image accompanying this article does not feature the artist, but Joseph Fahey, an associate professor at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, who is examining the painting.