No es serio este cementerio (The Cemetery Is Not All That Serious)

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Date: 2006

Region: Europe

Subject: Religious Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Film Video

Artist: FAF productora

Confronting Bodies: Camara Municipal (Comunist), Socialists, Neo-nazis, Catholic Church

Dates of Action: Junio 2006

Location: Montemor o Novo, Portugal

Description of Artwork: A videoclip about understanding death as a happy thing, made showing respect to all religions, just taking an optimistic view about the cementery and the dead.

The Incident: We put the video on youtube and a lot of people saw the piece. Some politicians (socialists) used the video as means to attack the council governers (communists). The authors were accused of the public crime of Profanation by the government.

Results of Incident: still awaiting judgement by the court

Source: Video