Of Mice and Men (play)

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Date: 2001

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion, Language

Medium: Theater

Artist: Student production at Dacula High School

Confronting Bodies: High School Principal Donald Nutt

Dates of Action: May 1, 2001

Location: Dacula High School, Atlanta, Georgia

Description of Artwork: A John Steinbeck classic that chronicles the relationship between two men during the Depression. It is a story of their pursuit of home-roots that they can believe in, land that they can care for, and the painful search for self. One man is inarticulate, dumb, and sometimes violent in his need; the other clever, hopeful, and tied to a responsibility he thinks he doesn't want.

The Incident: Principal Donald Nutt had called off the show only hours before the scheduled curtain, because of profanity and racial slurs that students and drama teacher Phillip Cate refused to delete from the script.

Results of Incident: The Belladonna Repertory Company donated its theater for the students to produce the play, uncensored. The play ran for two weekends.

Source: NCAC, atlanta.creativeloafing.com, 5.9.01