Ordinance for Security Protection of Computer Information Systems (China)

From Censorpedia

Date: 1997

Region: Asia

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Electronic Media, Internet

Artist: Various artists, activists and writers

Confronting Bodies: Chinese government

Dates of Action: December, 1997

Location: China

Description of Artwork: Any work defined as a "computer crime" that may "leak state secrets," or "promote political subversion, pornography or violence."

The Incident: On December 30, 1997 the Chinese government passed a law restricting the aforementioned discourse in order to "safeguard national security and social stability." The new law mandates a fine of up to $1,800 U.S. dollars for internet providers who violate the law.

Results of Incident: The law became the precedent that has silenced and banned provocative and political writers such as Mu Zimei (2003), Lui Di (2002) and Zhou Weihui (2000).

Source: Index on Censorship, 2/97