Peter Abelard, Religious Prohibition

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Date: 1000 - 1499

Region: Europe

Subject: Religious

Medium: Literature

Artist: Peter Abelard

Confronting Bodies: Christian Church

Dates of Action: 1059-1142

Location: Europe & USA

Description of Artwork: Peter Abelard was a theologist; whose best known works, Introductio ad Theologiam and Sic et Non explored and attempted to reconcile Aristotle, the Bible and reason with faith.

The Incident: The Church claimed that the texts were contrary to orthodoxy. Beginning in 1120, his books were burnt several times. At the Council of Sens in 1142 his entire theological work was declared heretical. Further censoring occurred upon the inclusion of his writings in the Roman Indexes of 1559 and 1564.

Results of Incident: U.S. Customs maintained a ban of his work until 1930.

Source: New York Public Library