Portrait of Caoimhe Lavelle

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Artist: Dragana Jurisic

Year: 2018

Date of Action: May 2018

Region: Europe

Location: Online

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Electronic Media, Internet, Photography

Confronting Bodies: Instagram and Facebook

Description of Artwork: The work is a nude portrait of Caoimhe Lavelle, whose breasts were “self-censored with a leaf” for the purposes of posting to social media, Jurisic explained.

The Incident: Dublin-based photographer Dragana Jurisic had her Instagram banned and her images removed from Facebook after she posted one of her works on the social media platforms.

Results of Incident: Instagram told Jurisic her account was shut down due to “repeated nudity.” The company has since reinstated her account. However, the artist is mourning the loss of dates, times, notes, and discussions regarding approximately 3,000 lost posts which Instagram has failed to reinstate.