Princess Marthe Bibesco

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Date: 1886-1973

Region: Europe

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Literature

Marthe Bibesco.jpg

Artist: Princess Marthe Bibesco, former aristocrat of Romania

Confronting Bodies: Romanian Communist Party

Dates of Action: 1945

Location: Romania

Description of Artwork: Bibesco has written several works. In "The Eight Paradises" she wrote about the impressions of a young couple sent on a diplomatic mission to Prussia; "Catherine-Paris" gives a vivid description of Europe before World War I; and "Isvor, the Country of the Willows" depicts a mystical Romanian world that opposes the communist vision.

The Incident: When the Communists took over Romania at the close of World War II Bibesco was exiled from the country, her manuscripts were siezed and her books banned. Her books were withdrawn from circulation in the library, and only made available for researchers and Communist officials.

Results of Incident: An abridged version of her, Jurnal Politic, was available in the National Library of Romania.

Source: Censorship, A World Encyclopedia, ed. D. Jones