Prometheus (statue)

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Formerly Naked Primetheus Skopje.jpg


Year: 2012

Date of Action: May 2012

Region: Europe

Location: Skopje, Macedonia

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Sculpture

Confronting Bodies: Macedonian municipal authorities in Skopje, unspecified "women's organizations"

Description of Artwork: The statue is a nude figure of the Greek god Prometheus, cast in bronze.

The Incident: A nude statue of Prometheus was erected in the "park of heroes of Macedonia" as a part of a public works project aimed to erect statues of Macedonian heroes in the country's capital of Skopje. [1] After the statue was put in place, however, several unspecified "women's organizations" asked that the statue's genitalia be covered up.

Results of Incident: A bronze loincloth was cast and placed on the statue.