Pure Pleasure Adult Bookstore

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Date: 1992

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity, Explicit Sexuality

Medium: Photography, Commercial Advertising

Artist: Pure Pleasure Adult Bookstore

Confronting Bodies: "Help Our Moral Environment" (HOME), LDS Church

Dates of Action: July 1992-Present

Location: Mesquite, Nevada, USA

Description of Artwork: Various adult videos, magazines and books. Erotic dance.

The Incident: The predominately Mormon community of Mesquite has banded together to refuse services and goods to the owner of the Pure Pleasure adult bookstore, opened there two years ago. The owner has been constantly singled out and harassed by building inspectors, the city council, the chamber of commerce, and other government entities. He has been refused housing by the property owners of Mesquite. Since the store opened, a 24-hour protest watch has been maintained by the church-organized "Help Our Moral Environment" group. They photograph anyone entering or leaving the store, and record their auto license numbers in addition to physically and verbally confronting them. HOME is currently pursuing a lawsuit aimed at the revocation of a lawfully granted business license. Their vigil has been maintained for the two years the store has been open, and recently completed construction on a permanent structure to house protesters on a nearby vacant lot.

Results of Incident: U.S. District Judge Philip Pro ruled on March 28 that the city was within its legal rights in restricting the store to an area of town zoned light industrial. On April 5, Pro refused to grant a stay to Pure Pleasure's owners while they appealed the ruling to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune daily newspaper. Clark Stacey (Salt Lake City, UT) and Deseret News