Red Meat

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Date: 1996

Region: North America

Subject: Religious, Language

Medium: Print Journalism


  • Max Cannon, Cartoonist of Red Meat comic strip
  • Joe Langston, faculty advisor to The Chanticleer
  • Jacksonville State University's student newspaper

Confronting Bodies:

  • Harold McGee, President of Jacksonville State University
  • David Watts, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Jacksonville State University

Dates of Action: 1996

Location: Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama

Description of Artwork: Max Cannon's Red Meat comic strip utilized off-beat humor to poke fun at societal norms. Mr. Cannon states that the comic strip is based on his actual experiences and that his work is aimed to make people laugh by feeling uncomfortable.

The Incident: The Chanticleer, a student newspaper partially funded by Jacksonville State University, purchased a subscription to Red Meat from the Onion Syndicate in 1996. After publishing the comic strip in two editions, Harold McGee and David Watts cancelled the subscription without notifying in the paper. McGee and Watts, claiming that the comic strip was anti-religious and immoral, ordered Langston and the newspaper's editor-in-chief to discontinue publication of the comic strip.

Results of Incident: Publication of the comic strip was discontinued. The editor resigned in protest.

Source: NCAC