Revolutions (musical composition)

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Date: 1999

Region: Africa

Subject: Language

Medium: Music


Artist: Jean Michel Jarre

Confronting Bodies: Egyptians authority

Date of Action: 31st December 1999

Location: Cairo - Egypt

Description of Artwork: A music piece called Revolutions composed by Jean Michel Jarre in 1988

The Incident: The Egyptian authorities forced Jean Michel Jarre to change his track called Revolutions because the word revolution is a banned word in egypt. Jean Michel Jarre performed the millenium concert at the great pyramids of Gizah on 31st december 1999.

Results of Incident: Jean michel jarre slightly changed his track to Evolution instead of Revolutions during the concert, but probably pronounced "revolution" once despite of the warning he received.

Source: Jean Michel Jarre crew on location in Egypt during the concert