Roy High School (student art exhibition)

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Artist: Amanda Fowers (student)

Year: 2005

Date of Action: April 2005

Region: North America

Location: Roy, Utah

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Painting

Confronting Bodies: Roy High School administrators, students and parents

Description of Artwork: Roy High School organized a student art show, which displayed three paitings by fellow senior Amanda Fowers. The artworks included a female breast and a hand with a black censor line, a woman's torso, a hand, and the lower half of the cleavage as well as two hands on a curved hip. Fowers, a 17 year old artist, painted exclusively with her right hand as her underdeveloped left hand allowed for little movement.

The Incident: The High School's administrators removed Fowers paintings from the show, stating that the school code justified this decision as her work was "causing a disruption". The student's paitings were the only ones that have been removed, even though other pieces drew complaints and were allowed to remain in the exhibition. These include images of a boy and girl kissing and a woman's upper buttocks titled "The Bather". Both students and parents have complained about Fower's work, claiming that it is offensive and inappropriate for a school setting.

Wendy Toliver, a writer, and NCAC have both defended the student's work. The latter underlined the absurdity of the school's administration, which is bound to protect the rights of artists under the First Amendment. The director of Arts Advocacy for NCAC, Svetlana Mintcheva, asserted that removing Fower's paintings "shows ignorance of art history and a religious standard gove amok" (Svetlana Mintcheva, April 21, 2005).

Results of Incident: Fowers received two offers from potential buyers, inquiring whether the paintings were up for sale.


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