Shark (sculpture)

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Date: 2006

Region: Europe

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Sculpture Installation


Artist: artist David Cerny (b. 1967), curator William Hollister

Confronting Bodies: Bielsko-Biaa deputy mayor, the city hall

Date of Action: September 2006

Location: Bielsko-Biaa, Poland

Description of Artwork: Shark is a life-size sculpture of Saddam Hussein in his underwear, trussed up in ropes and chains, his arms behind his body, floating face down in a glass tank filled with greenish liquid.

The Incident: The piece was pulled out from the show after a call from the deputy mayor.

Results of Incident: The work was invited to another Polish gallery, in Cieszyn, with the support of that town's mayor.

Source: Hilda Hoy, The Prague Post October 4th 2006