Shawn Stibbards (artist)

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Date: 2005

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity Sexual/Gender Orientation

Medium: Painting

Artist: Shawn Stibbards

Confronting Bodies: Artist, community members, North Vancouver Community Arts Council, district council

Date of Action: March 2005

Location: North Vancouver District Hall, British Columbia, Canada

Description of Artwork: Three paintings - one depicting a silhouette of a woman removing her shoes, one of a woman's torso wearing briefs, and one of a torso in lingerie silk-screened with guns, faces, and a man.

The Incident: After citizens complained about the paintings, which were hung in the district hall, the Community Arts Council requested the artist remove them. The complaints centered on the perceived violence against women depicted in the paintings. The artist claims there is no specific meaning but rather the paintings are open to interpretation. Some commentators suggested the paintings would be more appropriate in a gallery, instead of the council hall.

Results of Incident: Stibbards removed the three paintings, hanging a blank canvas in their place. The district council is considering develping guidelines for future art displays in the hall.

Source: The Georgia Straight,