Space Dance for Peace IV (sculpture)

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Artist: Paul Goreniuc

Year: 1997

Date of Action: Fall 1997

Region: North America

Location: San Jose, California

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Sculpture

Confronting Bodies: San Jose Department of Planning

Description of Artwork: "Space Dance IV represents two spaces, which include one of an atom and one of the earth and its galaxy. Just as the earth orbits the sun, electrons circle the nucleus of an atom. If the balance of the atom in the case of a nuclear reaction is upset, an explosion would occur, in turn upsetting the balance of the earth." [1]

The Incident: Goreniuc was served an order of compliance from the San Jose Department of Planning, ordering him to remove the sculpture from his front lawn. The city cited ordinances which prevented the erection of "structures" on residential property (the sculpture is 12 feet tall).

Results of Incident: The artist contacted numerous anti-censorship groups, including NCAC, and fought the charge, the Department of Planning decided that the sculpture was not, in fact, a "structure" and dropped the order.


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