Sports Illustrated 2004 swimsuit issue

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Date: 2004

Region: North America

Subject: Explicit Sexuality

Medium: Photography


Artist: Sports Illustrated 2004 swimsuit issue

Confronting Bodies: Belpre Middle School officials

Date of Action: February 2004

Location: Belpre, Ohio, USA

Description of Artwork: Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue features women in bathing suits in various poses and locations around the world.

The Incident: A sixth-grade student, Justin Reyes, had the magazine in his school gymnasium before classes started. The Principal, Kathy Garrison, reprimanded Reyes for "non-verbal harassment and possession of lewd or suggestive material." Superintendent, Tim Swarr, suggested that the swimsuit issue "doesn't belong in public schools."

Results of Incident: Reyes was ordered to spend two days at an alternative school where students from other local districts are sent when they are punished. Justin's mother, Nicole Reyes, opted for a three-day at home suspension, suggesting that the two-day alternative school sentence was too harsh.

Source: Media Coalition