Student art in Oklahoma - PIE

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Date: 1995 - 2005

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Sculpture Photography Painting

Artist: Sarah Wall, "PIE"

Confronting Bodies: University of Central Oklahoma, Art Department Chair

Dates of Action: March, 2003

Location: Edmond, CO

Description of Artwork: Paper mache pregnant torso; sculpted stylized male and female genitals; photograph of a female breast; portrait of a friend of the artist.

The Incident: The work was hung in a student curated art show. The day after the opening, Dr. Palmer, Chair of the Art Department, took the work down telling the artist that a conservative corporate sponsor would be coming in and might decide to not sponsor the program.

Results of Incident: The work remained removed, and the following sign was placed on display outside of the hallway gallery: "NOTICE: All subject matter photographed in the UCO JOURNALISM PHOTO STUDIO MUST BE 'G' OR 'FAMILY' RATING. NO MALE OR FEMALE NUDITY IS ALLOWED (WHETHER FULL OR PARTIAL NUDITY) In addition, no objects or devices depicting nudity or having any sexual content can be photographed. Any students violating this department policy will lose Studio and Photo Lab privileges."