Sylvia Sleigh

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Date: 1916 - 2010

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Painting

The artist with one of her paintings.

Dates of Action: 1965-1974

Description of Artwork: Painted male nudes


  • Sylvia Sleigh had a solo exhibition at the Byron gallery in New York in 1965 and it included a painting of a nude man, Harvey Symonds, The Red Chair. According to the artist “the gallery owner’s mother saw it at the opening and was so shocked that I was dropped from the gallery.”
  • The nude painting Seated Portrait in the Garden: Robert Lucy was used for the invitation card of the show at Stiebel Modern, New York, yet it was cropped just above the pubic hair.
  • In the show at Rhode Island University in 1974 two different versions of invitation card were produced – one of a nude sent to artistic audience, the other with two clothed figures – for the general public.

Source: NCAC, A collection of the artist's work can be found here