Tentacle Bento

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Artist: John Cadice

Year: 2012

Date of Action: May 2012

Region: North America

Location: Cyberspace (Kickstarter)

Subject: Explicit Sexuality, Violence

Medium: Electronic Media

Confronting Bodies: Kickstarter

Description of Artwork: John Cadice developed a card came called "Tentacle Bento". The game, set in an all-girls school in Japan, placed players in the role of a slimy, tentacle monster whose mission was to capture innocent schoolgirls and violate them with the tentacles.

The Incident: After the page received much attention and complaints from Kickstarter community members, Kickstarter decided to cancel the project's funding (despite the fact that Cadice had already reached $10,000 more than his initial goal).

Results of Incident: Cadice, who earned a pretty unfavorable reputation following this publicity, issued apologies to offended Kickstarter members. Cadice defended his project, however, noting that tentacle rape is not explicitly or graphically addressed in his game; that while the game might be best suited for mature audiences, it in no way depicts or calls upon players to perform rape simulation.