The Crossing (sculpture)

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Date: 2003

Region: North America

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Sculpture


Artist: Nancy Worthington

Confronting Bodies: Alliance Francaise

Dates of Action: February 2003

Location: Alliance Francaise of San Francisco

Description of Artwork: A sculpture depicts a befuddled President Bush crossing the Delaware River along side Vice President Chaney who is wearing a clown's nose. Scurrying rubber rats adorn the sides of the boats and resting atop the whole scene sits a Mr. Potatoe Head doll.

The Incident: Staff members removed the sculpture from the Alliance Francaise exhibition due to instructions from the board of directors telling them not to get involved in politics whatsoever. The piece is an example of Ms. Worthington's self described style called "the art of dissent." Upon the board's president Thomas Horn being confronted about the piece's removal, he asserted ignorance and regret at the action and asserted that he would write a letter of apology to the artist and request the sculptures reinstatement.

Results of Incident: Ms. Worthington, offended by the removal of her piece, refused to exhibit another work at the Alliance Francaise.

Source: NCAC based on an article from the New York Times