The Crucible (play)

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Artist: Arthur Miller

Year: 2006

Date of Action: February 2006

Region: North America

Location: Fulton, Missouri

Subject: Religion

Medium: Theatre

Confronting Bodies: Principal Teri Arms

Description of Artwork: The play follows characters through the Salem witch trials. It features content about sexuality, politics, and critique of Christianity.

The Incident: The play had been approved by Principal Teri Arms but, after complaints from several members of a local church in the community about a production of Grease that had preceded The Crucible, the principal decided to cancel the show, to avoid having two potentially controversial shows in a row.

Results of Incident: After a letter from NCAC and a front page spread in the New York Times, the show still remained un-performed (switched with A Midsummer Night's Dream), although the drama teacher, Ms. Wendy DeVore, resigned the following year.


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