The Emperor's New Clothes (play)

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Artist: Lani Brockman

Year: 2010

Date of Action: February 2010

Region: North America

Location: Kirkland, Washington

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion

Medium: Theatre

Confronting Bodies: Robert Frost Elementary School teachers and parents

Description of Artwork: The play was a dramatization of the classic fairy tale. Unspecified content within it was deemed "inappropriate."

The Incident: Five days before auditions, the play was cancelled because the school required too many alterations to the original script.

Results of Incident: "Snow White and the Black Forest," a dramatization of another classic fairy tale, was chosen in its place, but also required numerous alterations before it was deemed "appropriate" for performance. Cuts to the script included the following:

"-The character's name 'DimWitty.' There is, however, a character named 'Dopey.' -Lines in which characters call each other "stupid" -Joking references about the King being "senile" -The action of characters making the "crazy gesture" — rotating the pointer finger next to the ear -A joke about being glad if there is one less orphan in the world -A few lines in which a female character was to sing about being proud that she is curvy -A song about people who are short" [1]