The Luggage Project (exhibition)

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Artist: Max Yawney

Year: 2004

Date of Action: July 2004

Region: North America

Location: Denver, Colorado


Medium: Installation

Confronting Bodies: Denver International Airport

Description of Artwork: The luggage project was an exhibition organized by artist Max Yawney, who invited other artists to contribute artwork made from suitcases. While the majority of the suitcases remained uncensored, three pieces were pulled from the exhibition. One was created by artist Madeleine Hatz, and featured a suitcase spattered with red and black paint, and featured the words "Blood for oil. Billionaires for Bush." The second suitcase was painted with dalmatian print and had a box cutter for a handle. The final suitcase was filled with toy airplanes and bombs.

The Incident: Hours after the exhibition was put on display, the three suitcases described above were removed, citing "inappropriateness."

Results of Incident: The final piece (which contained the airplanes and bombs) was returned shortly afterward, as Vicki Braunagel, co-manager of aviation at DIA, decided it was only "borderline offensive." In spite of outrage from the artists and a letter from the NCAC, however, the two other pieces remained out of the art show.


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