The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of Family Health: Doctor's Answers

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Date: 1983

Region: North America

Subject: Nudity

Medium: Literature


Artist: Marshall Cavendish

Confronting Bodies: School Administration

Dates of Action: November 1983

Location: Lennox, South Dakota

Description of Artwork: Picture across two page spread on sexuality had to adults laying side by side undressed, in each other's arms, with wedding rings showing.

The Incident: Administration pulled entire set from the bookshelves after an evening board meeting when they were shown the book by someone. The next morning they called the Librarian in and told her they were pulling this set from the Library. The Librarian objected saying the book should be put through the process for challenged materials. The Librarian was asked if she wanted to lose her job over this book. She replied no but the principle of the issue was this set of encyclopedias provided coverage no other sources provided to the students in a well documented format on all sorts of health issues.

  Initially, the other volumes were allowed back in the Library on a supervised basis.  Eventually the volume 19 (S) volume was returned on the condition that the two page spread be covered up and have only text viewable.

Results of Incident: Set was available with the two page picture covered up. Others must have had problems as later editions of the same encyclopedia came out with less graphic photographs.

Source: Librarian