The Virgin's Mother

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Lesson Planned

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Artist: Damien Hirst

Year: 2014

Date of Action: August 2021

Region: North America

Location: Old Westbury, New York

Subject: Nudity


Confronting Bodies: Residents of Old Westbury, New York

Description of Artwork: The 33 foot, bronze sculpture depicts a pregnant woman whose body is half nude and half anatomical, with a fetus growing in her womb. The sculpture was installed at the estate of property developer Aby Rosen, in Old Westbury, New York.

The Incident: There was much dispute around the sculpture. People said it was out of character and disturbed the bucolic views of the neighborhood.

Results of Incident: Many of the residents of Old Westbury believed the sculpture to be disruptive and displeasing to the area. The Mayor agreed with the residents and agreed to cover the statue with a tarp. There were conversations and open meetings held so that residents could vote on where the sculpture could be moved.


Damien Hirst's "The Virgin Mother" Sculpture Was Covered in Long Island After Complaints by Locals