To Kill a Mockingbird (play)

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Artist: Harper Lee

Year: 2010

Date of Action: October 2010

Region: North America

Location: Palm Coast, Florida

Subject: Political/Economic/Social Opinion


Confronting Bodies: Flagler County School Board

Description of Artwork: The play is a dramatization of Harper Lee's classic novel by the same name. The play deals with content about growing up and racism in the deep south, and contains "the n word."

The Incident: The play had been approved for performance at Flagler Palm Coast High School when, as rehearsals were going on, the school board moved to shut down the production.

Results of Incident: After a letter from NCAC and considerable local media coverage, the school board reconvened and voted unanimously to allow the play to be performed, so long as a prologue explaining the story's context was read at the start. The show went on in February.


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